Tean's Gourmet

Offers the best of Malaysian cuisine, especially for those who miss the flavours of home. Available in retail pack and food service pack.

Available in selected countries only.

Pre-cooked pastes that form the base of your favourite dishes, commonly known as the “rempah”. Some are great as-is, while others just need the addition of meat, santan (coconut milk), oil, vegetables, or potatoes.

Paste For Chicken Curry

Paste For Curry Laksa

Assam Paste For Seafood

Spicy Sauce For Stir Fry

Paste For Tom Yam

Paste For Vegetarian Curry

Paste For Rendang (Meat)

Paste For Steaming Fish
(Nyonya Style)

Paste For Prawn Noodle

Paste For Fish Curry

Paste For Hainanese Chicken Rice

Spicy Shrimp Sauce

Spicy Belacan Paste
The simplest, quickest way to put your favourite spicy Malaysian fare on the table. Open, pour onto a dish and serve!

Crispy Prawn Chilli

Crispy Anchovy Chilli

Chili Flavoured Oil With Crispy Shrimp
Traditional herbal soup pre-mix in a convenient pack. Just add meat or chicken.

Herbs & Spices For Soup

Klang Herbs & Spices For Soup Kau

Herbal Chicken Soup Mix

Ginseng Herbal Soup Mix

Emperor Chicken Herbs & Spices Mix